$123/hr for a luxurious limousine bus!

Actually, $123/hr is the highest you'll pay with us if you purchase our special 24 hr package. 

$123/hr (+ $24/hr chauffeur fee) is our peak Saturday price (KY Derby weekend is the only exception - that day is more).

Non peak Saturdays are less.

Sunday - Friday is even less.

And this is for our brand new 25 passenger Limousine buses.  How new?  May 2016.


Have you called around?  This is an incredible value.  Many places charge close to  $300 an hour for a limousine bus on a Saturday - even for old clunkers or old airport shuttle buses with 400,000 miles on them.  So, how do we do it?  You can call us at 513-891-6686 for details, or you can read on!


How do I get this rate?
Call us at 513-891-6686 X2 and ask for the 24 hour package.  Note Ky Derby weekend is excluded from this offer.

What is a 24 hr package?
It's a rental for 24 hours of service - spread over 3 days of your choice anytime over the course of the year (Note it is not available on Ky Derby weekend & 1 or 2 other Saturdays).  Ever been to a big box warehouse store like Costco or Sam's Club?  You buy things in bulk and get a nice discount - right?  Same thing here.  If you purchase 24 hours, we give you an incredible discount on the hourly rate.

What are the advantages of the 24 hour package?

You can use the time over the course of 3 non consecutive days (only 1 can be a Saturday), and the rate is 50% or more less than our hourly rate for a 3 hour run for stretched vehicles and buses.

It's also an open ended rental, which means you don't have to know when you want to call it a day.  We just keep going till you say you're done (or 6:00am the next day, whichever comes first!).  This is a huge advantage - once you think about it.  You see, the limo industry hopes you'll run over because they charge some really hefty runover rates (frankly, we do too). 

People tend to rent for the bare minimum number of hours they think they'll need.  But time flies when you are having fun, and many people end up going longer than planned.  That's when you get zapped with sky high runover rates (or worse tossed out of the limo because it is rented to someone else after the time your run was scheduled to end).  Weddings in particular never seem to run on time, so be especially wary of trying to scrimp on the number of hours you say you'll need.  Getting the 24 hour package eliminates all these worries.

What if I don't need a rental for the entire day?
You can use your time over more than one day if you don't use it all the first day.  the vast majority of people don't use it all in one day - you'll love having another day (or two!) available for you at a future date!  There are some restrictions, so call for details.

Are rates the same regardless which of your vehicles I choose?
No.  $123/hr an hour is the highest you'll pay on our 24 hour package.  Our other vehicles are less.  Call for specifics.

Why are you quoting your highest rate instead of your lowest?
Because like you, we all know and hate when companies print their lowest rate as a come on.  Our 24 hour package rates vary from $55/hr - $123/hr depending on the day of the week and the type of vehicle you choose.  We decided to feature the highest rate instead of the lowest rate.  Refreshing - right?


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