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Keeneland Horse Racing & Ky Derby

Keeneland racing is a great daytrip in a limousine or limousine bus, and now we're going to make it even better. 

Rent one of our luxurious limousines with our famous half day package, and you get a huge discount on the hourly rate.

We've done a lot of these Keeneland runs in the last 12 years, and people always have a great time.  Take a good long look at our buses.  All of them have bathrooms, which is great for the trip down and back as well as any tailgating you might do once there.  We have had some elegant tailgating parties, and some fairly crazy ones, but they all have one thing in common - tailgating saves you a fortune compared to buying drinks inside the park. 

In fact, if you tailgate enough, the limousine will practically pay for itself.

You Drink.  We Drive.  Have fun!