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About Us

Motortoys Limousine was founded in 2005 with 1 limousine, and a lot of hopes and dreams.

With no partners or investors to please, profits were put right back into the business, and by 2016 we were one of the largest limousine services in the city.

Glassware & ice are great example of our commitment to quality. While other limo companies were removing their glassware and substituting plastic cups, MotorToys Limo spent $10,000 on a high end ice machine and bought expensive glassware for their vehicles.

As the owner says, "We have over $10,000 invested just in our ice machines, but it's worth it because the ice is crystal clear and perfect". And plastic cups make the whole interior look tacky - we'll never do that!

we have the largest garaged fleet in town. 99% of the other limousines in this city are stored outside. They rust in the rain, and fade in the sunlight. Not ours - ours are kept inside in pristine condition.

We look forward to serving the Tri-State for many years to come!
Thanks for all your repeat business!