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Avoid fake companies that have literally no vehicles - but pretend they do

When surfing the net, be very careful of companies that have 1-800 numbers (or 1-888 or 1-866, etc.)  Usually when you call these places, you're getting routed to a lead generation company that is often thousands of miles away, and has no limos. 

Did you get that?  They don't own any limousines!

What they do is take your reservation, then call a local company (like us) and book your reservation with us. 

The problem with that?  They usually charge more than we do.  For example, they'll charge you 1,000 for the rental, then call us and reserve it for $800, and stick the $200 difference in their pockets as profit.

If you had called us direct, you would have gotten the $800 quote instead of $1,000!

Be wary of 1-800 numbers!

Some companies that are not local:



Note we usually refuse to do business with any of these places.  Other limousine services often refuse too, so who knows who you'll end up with.

Note this information is believed accurate but not guaranteed.