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How much to rent a limousine?


How much to rent a limo?  This is always the first question people ask.  Rates vary depending on several things, such as what day of the week, what size vehicle, and how long you want it. Here is a ballpark of some of our rates...  Call for specifics or durations not shown below.


Motortoys Limousine Approximate Rental Rates per Hour

Rate *
(Per hour)


Sedan Limo
Max 10 people

SUV Limo
Max 20 people

Limo bus with Restroom
Max 25 people

3 hours**

116 - 225


166 - 316


6 hours**

83 - 125

92 - 142

116 - 183

166 - 233

12 hours

71 - 108

71 - 130

82 - 145

91 - 183


* Plus sales tax.

Minimum rental on Ky derby weekend will vary, and rates are higher.  Call for details.


Take another look at the 12 hour rates.  Did you notice how low they are?  12 hr packages are such a great deal.  Call for details at 513-891-6686.  Buy your limo time in bulk and save!

Above rates are generalities - call for a specific quote and to check availability.  Longer rentals are much much cheaper per hour.  Rates are subject to change at any time.  Above rates do not apply on Ky Derby Day - call for quote.