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Savannah Nite Limo owned by convicted criminal. Sex Offender driver story on Fox 19 News

Savannah Nite Limousine Service is owned in whole or in part by a convicted criminal that is on probation (as of April 2017)

There are approximately 70 criminal and civil lawsuits that involve A Savannah Nite and/or its owner.  You can view at Butler county clerk of courts and the City of Fairfield municiple court web sites.

Fox 19 News, on 03-21-17, did a story on a Savannah Nite Limousine Service chauffeur that is a registered sex offender and driving children around in A Savannah Nite's limousines.

We would like to assure our customers that Motortoys Limousine would never allow that to happen here.  All of our employees undergo background checks - we do not employ anyone that is a registered sex offender.  The owner of Motortoys Limousine has no criminal record.

Information is believed accurate, but not guaranteed.