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Silly, Silly rules - You have to pay to pottie. Really.

One of our competitors is doing something hilarious.

They're charging you to use the bathrooms in their buses!  That's right - they've invented a rolling pay toilet!

First, you have to pay a security deposit to get the bathroom door unlocked. Then you pay a $100 fee to go pottie!

After the run, they give you the pottie security deposit back if, in their opinion, you behaved yourself in the bathroom.

This is the goofiest charge we've ever heard of!  If you want to know which company has "pottie police", call us up at 513-891-6686.  We'll have a good laugh together.  And if you want to avoid foolishness like that, just use Motortoys Limousines.  No bathroom fees, no pottie police, just quality service!

Pay to pottie sign


This info accurate as of Jan 2016.  This other company may have changed their pottie policy since then, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of their pottie information. angel