The worst reason to use us


Yes our pricing is pretty good.

But that is a terrible way to decide. 

We're told all the time that people chose us because we had the lowest price.  Frankly, that's aggravating.  After all, we have the nicest equipment, the best reviews, the nicest chauffeurs - and you chose us because we had the lowest price?

We all know better - right?  9 times out of 10 when you pick the cheapest place, you get the worst product or service.  Certainly we can name dozens of limousine companies that have cheap rates and horrible limousines.  Or chauffeurs that are independent contractors that have had literally no training and simply don't care.

So, please don't choose us because we have the best rate.  Choose us because we are the best.

See this award?  We're one of only two limousine services in Cincinnati that earned it.  The other hundred companies or so in town?  So many problems. 

Choose us because of sevice.  You'll be glad you did.

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