Limo Marketing

We can bring you

Hundreds of Customers

Bring customers to your business by the bus full with Limo Marketing!

Every business has customers that have disappeared, right?

How do you get them back?

How do you close new prospects?

How do you get people to visit your business?

Put them in a Limo

People love limos, so let’s put them in one and deliver them right to your door. Or you can ride with them. And sell, sell, sell.

What can we do to sell your stuff?

– Let us “takeover” your business, and bring in a hundred customers. Imagine a hundred people walking in your business – credit card in hand – having fun and ready to buy!

– We can tailgate your business while you demonstrate and sell your product. Think of the publicity, and the postings on Facebook!

– Take them on outings (Keeneland, Bourbon Trail, etc.) with you in there with them. You’ll have a captive audience for the entire day!

– Make your brand fun. Doesn’t matter if you are a plumbing supply house, a dentist office, or a restaurant. We can help you find and retain customers!

How Much?


The customers pay the cost of the limo (which is only about $25 a person*).

You can pay it instead of the customer if you like.

Either way works!

Call Us at 513-891-6686 X 2 for a free consultation!

Let’s get creative on how to sell your product!


* Assumes 20 people per vehicle or more on a 5 hr run
Sunday-Thursday.  Cost per person goes up if fewer people.
Rates higher on Fridays and Saturdays.  Rates subject to change.
Limited time offer.  Tip, tax, and fees are additional
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