No Forced 


Forced Tipping is an Awful Idea

Want bad service?

Find a limo company that forces you to tip the driver when you make the reservation.  There’s 2 or 3 of them in town.  In our opinion, a prepaid tip means bad service is coming your way.

Imagine how service would be in a restaurant if the server knew they were getting a nice fat tip regardless if they did a great job, or a lousy job. 

We all know the answer to that one.

The few limo companies that do this try to sugar coat it, by saying their pricing is all inclusive including the tip, but don’t be fooled by that.  Forced tipping is an awful idea.

We keep hearing that even with a forced, prepaid tip to these companies, some of their chauffeurs, at the end (or even at the beginning) of your trip will say you’re wrong, the tip wasn’t prepaid, and make you tip again in cash on the day of service.  Not sure if it is true or not, but we’ve heard of this happening many times.  It’s just one more reason to avoid the forced prepaid tipping mess.


What do Chauffeurs at Motortoys Think About No guaranteed tips?

They love it.

And we can prove it.

Our turnover is essentially zero.  Most of our chauffeurs have been here forever, some over 10 years.  We have a family atmosphere with our employees, and there is a lot of friendly competition amoung the chauffeurs when we sit around the picnic table at the office and banter about who  gives the best service, and who gets the biggest tips.

They’re proud of their service.

The owner of the company used to poll the chauffeurs once a year and ask them if they want the company to keep doing tips day of service or start mandating prepaid tips.  The answers were anonymous, and always lopsided in the same direction.  They don’t want mandated prepaid tips.

One or two chauffeurs out of 30 would vote for prepaid tips, but we noticed their survey results just weren’t that great.  Those people have moved on to other companies – in many cases to the two or three companies that do forced tipping.

What do you think that means?


Yep.  We agree.