Is this your Business’s Situation?

Restricted to just carry out or indoor seating a fraction of what it used to be.  Sales are Rocky.



We can help.

We’ll give you a free page on our web site promotting your business.
We’ll create a discount code for discounted limo service if, and only if, they use  the limo to come to your business and buy your stuff.

All you have to do?  Promote it.

People love limos!  It’s a safe way for them to get thier family or small group out of the house, and right to your business.  Your sales will go up!

Your code and web page on our site will stay up till 30 days after your last promo of it.  Want it to stay up?  Just promote this offer to your customers at least every 30 days


$295 for 3 hours in a limo*
*Sunday – Friday. 

Help Your Customers Buy From You!


Your Business.  Our Limos.

A match made in heaven! 

No Cost to Your Business

There is no cost to your business – all  you have to do is promote this offer!

No Time Invested by Your Business

Motortoys does all the work.

Special Offers Only if they go to your business

These special limo rates are only good if they go to your business!

3 Simple Steps to Increase Your Business

Contact us at here to sign up


Promote the offer to your customers


Watch all the sales role in!

25 vehicles available


Party Buses with Bathrooms

Up to 25 Passengers

SUV Limousines

14 – 20 Passenger
Various Makes and Models

Sedan Limousines

Up to 10 Passenger
Various Makes and Models