Buy More – Pay Less

When you purchase 12 hours from us, we discount the 12 hour hourly rate compared to shorter duration hourly rates.  How much?  A lot.

We also let you use it over either 1 or 2 days
(restrictions apply, and are spelled out in the terms and conditions when you check out.).

So go to our online quote page, search for the duration you orignally wanted, and that quote and the 12 hour quote will both come up.  You’ll see it for yourself.

What will you do for 12 hours?

You’ll think of something

Different day – different vehicle

12 hour packages can be 1 day or 2.  If you like (subject to terms and conditions) you can try different vehicles.


That’s kinda fun


3 Simple Steps to enjoying a 12 hour rental

Pick a date 


View rates, and book online


Live chat us for the second date (1st day you can do online, the 2nd day you can plan later, or live chat us and plan it now)!

12 hour 2 day rentals

How does it work?


What is your 12 hour rental package?

If you rent for 12 hours, it is a discounted package that is usually cheaper than 8 hours or more.

It’s like going to Costco or Sam’s Club.  Buy in bulk, and save!

Can the second date be a Saturday?


The second day must be Sunday – Friday (there are some exclusions which are spelled out in the terms and conditions).

Can I use the 12 hours over 2 days?

Yes.  You can use it either all in one day or over 2 days.

The 2 days do not have to be consecutive days.  They can be whenever you like (subject to terms and conditions you will see when you check out).


How long have you done this offer?

We’ve done this for over 10 years.  People love it!

Happy Customers

We take clients every year to the Spring and Fall meets in a Party Bus.  Our customers love it.

Jason Icas

Every year, my friends take a day off from work and go to Keeneland for the day.  We all love it!

Ted Flanders

We’ve used them multiple times for the large bus and every trip has been great!

James Wright