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Rent online in less than 5 minutes
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Free holds for most dates, so you can think it over.

You can then pay in full, or with installments.

Friendly Runover Policy

We know it’s hard to estimate how long you need the vehicle.
That’s why unlike almost everyone else, we don’t raise the rate when you runover – it’s the same as your original purchase.

We also only charge you for the runover time you use.
(But be careful – sometimes we can’t do runovers!)

Food, Drink, & Coolers Welcome

Why are they banned at other companies?

Celebrating 18 Years of Service!

Hundreds of thousands of customers.  We’re honored.

MT Limo Fun


MotorToys Limo & Party Bus

MT Limo having fun

Hundreds of Thousands of Happy Customers

Mange your rental online - Motortoys Limousine and Party Bus Cincinnati

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20 vehicles available to Rent


Party Buses with Bathrooms

Up to 25 Passengers

SUV Limousines

14 – 20 Passenger
Various Makes and Models

Jump for Joy in a MotorToy!

We wouldn’t change a thing. Motortoys was total perfection from our driver to Kevin to the amazing bus.

Jane D

We have nothing but great things to say about Motortoys. Our vehicle was excellent and Steven our chauffeur was fantastic. He made sure we had everything we needed and was super flexible throughout the entire day. We wouldn’t do anything differently and will definitely use Motortoys again!

Tim J

We had a great day. The driver was great and the bus was fantastic!

Gary N

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The Bourbon Trail is such fun in a Motortoys Party Bus!