Does the Bourbon Trail Sound like fun, but a little Daunting?


 We can help – we’ve done it hundreds of times!

It doesn’t matter if you like bourbon.  Every day is a fascinating, beautiful day on The Bourbon Trail.

You’ve got a limo

You’ve got your drinks.

We’ve got the wheel.


Choosing us as your guide is brilliant.  We know where to go, and when to get there.  We’ve done hundreds of these trips.

We’ll go to any distillary you like, and even help pick them.

Book Now.  We’ll guide you to a great day!


Making Bourbon is a lot of work.


Fortunately, drinking it is a lot easier.

3 Simple Steps to Gettin on the Trail!

Choose the distilleries and the date 


Book your party bus online & buy tour tickets


Grab some snacks and drinks for the party bus and have fun!

Your Clients will be Impressed

Take your clients or employees on the bourbon trail in a party bus.  They’ll love you for it!

Take The Bourbon Trail to the next level

Nothing is worse than driving home after a  hard days night on the bourbon trail.  Let us take the wheel.

You Drink.  We Drive

Sensible and Safe.

Bourbon Trail Questions

What is the bourbon trail,
and how does it work?


What is the Bourbon Trail?

There isn’t really a trail.  The Bourbon Trail is most of the distilleries in Ky that make bourbon.

There’s a lot of them.

What day of the week should I go?

Saturdays are packed, so buy tour tickets ahead of time. 

The other days of the week are much less crowded, and may be a better choice.

What time of day should we start?


Daily Tours start early and end early

Buffalo Trace tours (No Charge) are 9am – 4pm (Sun 12 – 3) .

Four Roses tours ($10) are 9am – 3pm (Noon – 3:00pm Sundays)

Woodford Reserve tours ($20) are 10:00 am – 3:00pm (Closed Sundays).

Wild Turkey tours ($5 – $10 ) 9:00am – 5:00 pm (Sundays 11:00am – 4:00am March – December only)

Most  people start at 9:00 am, tour 2 distilleries in the morning, have lunch, and then 2 more in the afternoon.

Do the Distillaries have gift shops?


Etched cut crystal glasses.  Books on the history of bourbon making, and of course the bourbon.  Four Roses gift shop in particular has a lot of nice items for sale.

Be prepared.

Very tempting stuff!

Is this a good idea for my clients and customers?


Thnk about it.  A captive audiance for an entire day of fun.  And face it – people are bored by the traditional business dinner.  Golf is debatable for many people that aren’t good at it.

But almost everyone is good at drinking.

We’ve seen it over and over.  You clients will love you for this.


Which Distilleries should I go to?

That’s up to you, but the ones we seem to go to the most are

You can visit all 4 places in a day.  There are many other choices, of course, and we go to them all! 

Who buys the tour tickets for the distilleries?

You do.  Some are free (like Buffalo Trace), and some charge $5 – $15 per person.

One other thing – get there early.  They get crabby if you show up late for their tour.  Nine times out of ten if you aren’t there 15 – 20 minutes before the tour starts, they won’t let you on it.

Do I have to drink bourbon?


If you are one of those poor unfortunate souls that doesn’t like it, bring something else for the limo.

We’ll try not to mock you.

Can we eat and drink in the limo?


In fact, we encourage it.  There are not a whole lot of choices down there for lunch (Woodford Reserve has a cafe, but that’s about it).

There also aren’t a lot of places for bathrooms other than the distilleries themselves, so a limo bus is a great choice since all of ours have bathrooms.

Happy Customers

The funny part was my wife.  She didn’t want to go, but once we got there, she didn’t want to leave!

Jared Crawford

Every year, my friends and I take a day off from work and go do The Bourbon Trail.  We come from all over the country one day of the year for this.  We always look forward to a Motortoys Party Bus to chauffeur us around

Tim Mockson

This is the most fun I’ve had since college – and that was a long time  ago! 

We did their 12 hour package – and still had trouble being done in time!  It’s that much fun.

Sarah Bruner