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Looking for a luxury Cincinnati party bus?

We have eight!
MotorToys’ party buses were special ordered brand new from high-end coachbuilders. And they all have something you’ll want that those other Cincinnati party bus companies don’t have.

Every luxury party bus needs a bathroom.

That may seem strange at first until think about it. How long can 25 people go without a bathroom when they are drinking in a luxury party bus? If you rent a Cincinnati party bus without a bathroom, and you and your friends and family are drinking refreshing beverages for any amount of time, Mother Nature will come calling at some point during your outing. This means you pull over every 10 minutes so people can use a bathroom. That many stops are incredibly annoying. It cuts into your fun time and your time on the Cincinnati party bus. You don’t want to essentially pay for the luxury party bus to pull over and wait for someone to use the facilities.
Instead, rent a luxury party bus from us.
Every single Cincinnati party bus we own has a bathroom, and they are all open and free for you to use. We say free to use because another limo rental company with Cincinnati party bus rentals has bathrooms in some of their vehicles, but they charge you to use them. Isn’t that absurd? You have to pay to potty. We’ve heard it’s an extra $100. Ridiculous for a luxury party bus.

So what exactly is *not* a party bus?

Some Cincinnati party bus companies have a rather questionable definition of a party bus. We think a luxury party bus is a bus that was custom built to be a limousine bus. However, we know of at least a dozen companies that buy old, worn-out airport shuttle buses with 400,000 miles on them, paint them black, and call them party buses. We even know one company that ripped out the Metro bus-style seating (which is illegal by the way), put in perimeter seating and green carpet, and called it a party bus in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, the company didn’t close up the holes where the original seats were bolted to the floor. That company has constant problems with mice chewing through the holes in the floor because apparently carpet tastes good to mice. The mice then crawl inside, and think that bus has a bathroom, because guess what they do? They leave droppings all over the floor. This is a true story, told to us by an employee of that company who wanted to come work for us because he was tired of cleaning up after the mice. Wow.
But getting back to the old airport shuttle buses. Is that a Cincinnati party bus? We don’t think so. Most people have ridden in airport shuttles before. Imagine paying $1,000 or more to ride on an airport shuttle for hours and hours. If you’re saying to yourself “I’d never fall for that”, think again. Do you think these Cincinnati party bus companies are going to tell you it’s an old airport shuttle when you call them? Or will they let you find out the hard way when they pull up for the first pickup?
Luxury Party Bus Interior MotorToys Limo
Luxury Party Bus Bathroom MotorToys Limo
Luxury Party Bus Interior Bathroom

How do shady Cincinnati party bus operators get away with it?

People assume that the pictures on a Cincinnati party bus and limo rental company’s website are pictures of the actual vehicles they will be renting. We estimate that about 1/3 of the Cincinnati party bus companies use stock photos. A stock photo is a picture of someone else’s vehicle. It is not the party bus you will be getting into, which means you have no idea what you are actually renting. Since 95% of all luxury limo and party bus renters secure a rental vehicle sight unseen over the phone or internet, companies using stock photos of other people’s vehicles are able to get away with it.
MotorToys Limo only uses photos of our own vehicles. We took photos of all our vehicles in June 2019, so if you see a picture of a party bus or luxury limo on our website, it’s really ours.

How many different types of party buses are there?

There are a lot of them. MotorToys luxury party buses are all custom-built on Ford F-550 chassis. They’re big and roomy. You can easily stand and move around. Smaller Cincinnati party buses are built on Ford F-450 or F-350 chassis. Be sure to ask, because there are some real optimists out there about how many people a luxury party bus can hold. Our coachbuilder says 27 for our models, but we tell our customers 25 people so you have some elbow room. If you are looking at a party bus built on an F-450 or F-350 chassis and they say it holds 25 people like our F-550 party buses, don’t believe it. You’ll be squeezed in there like sardines.

What does a luxury party bus interior look like?

This is where MotorToys Limo excels. Just like regular cars, party buses can be built cheaply or lavishly.
We go all-out.
  • Stereos with enough speakers, subs, and amps that you can make your ears bleed
  • Multiple high-def TV monitors that surround you with tech
  • Bluetooth so you can connect your music to our system
  • Bathrooms that are free to use
  • Elaborate neon lights, party lights, lasers and strobes (all of which can be turned off by the riders if you want a more restrained atmosphere)
  • Large bar areas stocked with glassware, champagne flutes, and lots of ice (BYOB)
Now, remember the old airport shuttle bus with the green carpet and the mice problem? It still rents as a Cincinnati party bus. We see it occasionally. As you can imagine, it’s cheaper than our luxury party buses. But is it a better choice? People rent it (over the phone, sight-unseen we assume), but we’ve seen some pretty embarrassed, unhappy people get out of it when we are next to it at a concert or a reception facility. Do you still want a cheap Cincinnati party bus? Hmm. Probably not.
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Luxury Party Bus Exterior MotorToys Limo
Luxury Party Bus Reservation MotorToys Limo

What’s up with no glassware?

Champagne and rocks glasses are standard in every luxury party bus from MotorToys Limo. Amazingly, some cheap Cincinnati party bus companies have decided to use plastic cups. We know of one that doesn’t even supply ice or bottled water. Really? As a consumer, that should make you nervous. If other Cincinnati party bus companies are cutting corners where you can see it, what are they doing where you can’t see it? Is their maintenance up to date? Does the AC work? Do their brakes? Does their stereo have Bluetooth? If you hadn’t thought about those things until you read this, you might want to. You’re going to rent over-the-phone and sight-unseen, right?
MotorToys Limousine Service has been in business since 2005. We have eight high-end, custom-built party buses (and a dozen stretch luxury limos). They are gorgeous. People rave about them all the time. Just see all of our positive reviews.

How much to rent a luxury party bus?*

This is where things get confusing. MotorToys Limo party buses are cheaper to rent than virtually anywhere else. Even though our luxury party buses are gorgeous, upscale, and all that, we price them very aggressively and are almost always the cheapest on longer runs. We often have people rent them from us for the whole day because they are cheaper than four to five hours elsewhere.

What if I don’t need 12 hours?

Use it over two days. Use some of it on one day, and the rest on a second date of your choice for up to a year* after your initial run. This results in some interesting comments from our loyal customers. Before they rent from us, most people are just like you. They think “I don’t need 12 hours, I only need two or three hours”. However, we have found that most people aren’t being truthful with themselves about this. They get a Cincinnati party bus for two or three hours because they assume they cannot afford longer than that. After all, a three-hour party bus rental at most companies is over $1,000. And if three hours is $1,000, then 12 hours must be $4,000, right? Not with MotorToys Limo. The longer you rent from us, the less we charge per hour. And since we let you split the time up over multiple dates (an exclusive MotorToys feature), why wouldn’t you just get the 12-hour package and have some fun?

What problems does a 12-hour luxury party bus rental solve?

  • The hourly rate is much cheaper

Renting a luxury party bus for two or three hours is expensive. Incredibly expensive. A Cincinnati party bus rental for two hours is about $400 per hour. That’s over $6 per minute. But if you rent a party bus from MotorToys Limo for 12 hours on a Friday, the hourly rate is only about $108/hour ($1.80 per minute). That’s quite a difference. That is value.
  • Time anxiety goes away

The clock ticks awful loudly on a two or three-hour Cincinnati party bus rental. They say, “Time flies when you are having fun.” But if you’re the one on the hook when things take longer than you thought, you end up looking at your watch instead of enjoying your brief time in a luxury party bus. Bad things happen when you run over your scheduled end time. Runover rates kick in and those are breathtakingly expensive at some Cincinnati party bus companies. (Ironically the cheap party bus places sometimes gouge you the most.) Sadly, getting gouged like that is the best thing that could happen if you run over because many times the party bus can’t stay. If someone rented your luxury party bus right after the time your run was supposed to end (and this is very, very common), your party bus will have to leave even if you are not finished. You will then have to Uber, walk, or take a taxi. Your special day then lies in ruins. A 12-hour luxury party bus rental from MotorToys Limo solves this.
  • You get a great value

No one likes getting ripped off. $400 an hour for two hours in a Cincinnati party bus just feels wrong, doesn’t it? Everyone charges it – including us. Why not buy 12 hours of time at less than half the hourly rate for two hours, relax, and enjoy it over a couple of days? Many of our customers (especially our loyal, repeat customers) know a little secret about our 12-hour rentals: It’s not enough time! They’ll buy 14, 16, or even 20 hours for their two days. That’s fun stuff. We do this all the time. Try the Bourbon Trail or Keeneland racing. Those two outings both take all day, but you can afford all day with MotorToys.
  • Scheduling hassles disappear

Cincinnati party bus rentals often get reserved far ahead of the date of service. That’s because there aren’t a lot of nice ones. A lot of luxury party bus services sell out way before the scheduled date. So people book early. The problem is the farther ahead of the day of service you book, the less certain you are about the start time. You also worry about the duration of your trip. But you don’t want every Cincinnati party bus to get rented out from under you, so what do you do? You book early, and then you guess.
And then you hope your guess was a good one. Because if you reserve ahead of the date of service, you’ll probably be calling back later to change the start time or add time when your itinerary changes. Sometimes the Cincinnati party bus company can accommodate the change and sometimes it cannot. You usually can’t get a refund. So what do you do if you paid for the rental but can’t change things to fit your schedule?
A 12-hour rental solves all that. If you rent from us for 12 hours or more, we set aside the whole day for you on our calendar until you choose your final start time. No matter what time you change it to, or how much or how little of your 12 hours you plan to use, we will be there for you. Flexibility is soooo nice! People never think their plans will change, and they always do. Plan wisely!
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Luxury Party Bus Reservation Clock

People think a luxury limo or party bus rental is once in a lifetime. They are wrong.

People think a luxury limo or Cincinnati party bus rental is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Until they are in one. Then they want to do it again. And again. The 12-hour rental basically gives you two days for the price of one. That’s nice. In fact, you could rent a luxury party bus every month if your friends chip in.
Let’s do the math. Let’s say it’s $1,295 for 12 hours on a Friday (rates will vary).  That comes to $52 a person for 12 hours of service. It’s only $4.33 per hour per person. Can you think of anything else this much fun and this cheap?

Let’s do some more math…

You go downtown to Over-The-Rhine to hit some bars and go to dinner. The luxury party bus is $52 per person for 12 hours. Now let’s deduct money you save by renting a Cincinnati party bus.
  • Deduct $15 for parking

Parking isn’t free, and if you drive you have to pay for parking, right?
  • Deduct $40 for drinks you don’t buy at a bar

It’s legal to drink alcohol in a MotorToys limo or party bus. Say you have four bourbon and Cokes over 12 hours in a luxury party bus. MotorToys doesn’t have a liquor license, so you have to BYOB. Bringing your own drinks saves you a ton of money. A drink you make in the luxury party bus or limo from your own bottle of bourbon is about $1.00. In a bar, you can easily pay $10 a drink for the same thing.
  • Deduct $10 for no valet

Everyone loves walking to their car 10 minutes or more from the bar, right? By the second stop, you’re probably indulging in valet service. And don’t forget your safety. Do you want to walk around Over-The-Rhine at 2 a.m.? No? So you valet. More money out the window!
  • Deduct $20 for food

You can eat in our luxury party buses. Bring appetizers to the party bus and save again. Eat, drink, and be merry!
  • Deduct $1,000 for DUI

You should never drink and drive. It’s playing Russian roulette with your driver’s license, your freedom, and even your life. Not sure how to value this, but it’s a financial train wreck if you get a DUI with fines, court costs, and hiring an attorney. Don’t drink and drive. Do it our way. You Drink. We Drive. MotorToys Limo.
  • Deduct $40 for Uber

Ok, so you didn’t listen. You drove yourself to Over-The-Rhine, and you drank too much. You had the sense not to drive home, but ridesharing is expensive. Ever hear of surge pricing?

Math is your friend

Add it up. $15 + $40 + $10 + $20 + $40 = $125 saved. In this example (and feel free to email us with your thoughts if you think our assumptions are faulty – we love talking about this!), you spent $52 a seat for our luxury party bus for 12 hours and saved $125. That makes the cost of the Cincinnati party bus zero. You get all the fun and friendship that goes with being in the same vehicle having a great time with your family and friends while we do the driving. And you get the royal treatment, door-to-door service, and you don’t have to drive. The list of benefits goes on and on. Time to rethink your assumptions. Customers rent a Cincinnati party bus from us over and over simply because it’s a great time and money saver.

You Drink. We Drive. 

*Rates vary depending on the date, but these are real quotes for most dates. 12-hour package is a limited time offer. Restrictions apply. Call for complete details. Always read the fine print! Make sure pictures on a limo site are the real vehicles.
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