Here’s How To Select a Bus

First, Let’s Talk About Bathrooms

How long can a large group go before someone needs a bathroom?

If you rent a party bus without a bathroom, (which is practically everyone but us), you’ll be pulling over every 10 minutes, and then you’ll have your answer. 

We special ordered our Party Buses – all brand new, and all with bathrooms.

As you can see on this page, they all have deluxe interiors too, but we like to talk about – bathrooms.

Now Let’s Talk About Interiors

Lots of places rent old school buses.

Not us.  See any difference?

3 Simple Steps to Renting a Party Bus

Pick a date 


View rates, and book online


Have Fun!

What a party!  12 hours flew right by.

Alan Aster

Best day ever – so glad we got a party bus!

Kevin Putman