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We can’t name names (they bombed us with fake bad reviews the last time we did that), so here are some things to ask other limo companies in general.

Will you let us stop for a bathroom break?
 Believe it or not, the answer is NO at a Cincinnati based competitor. 

 They said in an email from a customer asking about this (and I quote including their typos)   

“We have stopped at gas stations in the past and you have around 20 people trying to use a single stall bathroom. The clerks are now upset that there’s 19 drink people creating havoc in the store while waiting. This that can’t wait, go outside and go on the dumpster and anywhere else they can. Now the police are called. 40 minutes later after writing a few tickets, we get back on the road, only to try it again in 30 minutes. That is why…”

What a terrible situation.  The solution is obvious – don’t rent a bus without a bathroom All of our limo buses have a bathroom.

“Can we book online?
Most places admit you cannot.  However some try to appear to be able to do so.
They gather all your info online, they get your credit card, and then, and only then, they tell you  they will let you know within a day of two if they can fulfill your request.
This is terrible, right?  You’re now in limbo.  You don’t know if you have a limo or not, and you are obligated if they come back later and say they can do it.  If there is another company out there that has online live availability like us, they need to speak up.  We know of no one but us (we made our own online system), and we have looked!

Will you let us bring coolers?
Some places say no.  You have to unpack your cooler, put your stuff in the vehicle’s built in cooler, and leave your cooler at the pickup location.  Why?  Don’t know.  We welcome coolers in our vehicles

Will you let us bring food and drinks?
Some places say no – including one of the bigger companies in town (they hide this rule pretty good – it’s buried in their terms and conditions).  Be sure to ask about this one as they do not volunteer this information.  Seems crazy to not let you have drinks and snacks, but some won’t let you.  We will.

Can we bring glass beer bottles?
Some places say no.  They say no glass because of safety concerns.  Really?  What are you, 5 years old?  Glass is fine with us.  Believe it or not, there is one company out there that has no glassware in the vehicle at all, just empty glass holders.  As you can imagine, that looks terrible, but they say no glassware for “safety reasons”.  Yeah right.

You have a chauffeur fee.  Is that the tip or not?
This one really bugs us.  They’ll do their best to make it sound like the chauffeur fee is the tip, but it’s not. They’ll say things like “Well, if you want to tip them at the end of the trip you can, but you don’t have to”.

Then the day of service comes, and you’ll find out that the chauffeur has an entirely different opinion.  You’ll find the chauffeur in your face at  the end of the trip telling you the fee is not a tip.  By then, of course, it’s too late.  You pay up to avoid making an already embarrassing situation worse.
We don’t play games.  We include the tip in the quote unless you make the choice to do a cash tip (which you can do).  The chauffeurs know what you chose, and will not ask for a tip if you prepaid it.  As far as a “chauffeur fee” goes at other places – we do not have one.

How many stops can we make?
We have unlimited stops.  Some places charge more when you have a lot of stops.  Be careful on this one.

Do you bill runover service by the hour, or by the minute?
You runover 23 minutes, you pay 23 minutes.  Right?
Wrong.  Most places bill runover service in 1 hour increments.  You run over 23 minutes, you pay for an hour.  Not us.  We would only charge for 23 minutes.

Do you have a fuel surcharge?
We know of one place that charges $100.00  That’s a lot, don’t you think?  Ours is a third of that.  Be sure to specifically ask because while most places disclose it, the $100 place makes it rather hard to find.  It also seems dishonest.  They’ll say something like “Your rental is $500 + tip and fees” and stop there.  Make sure you get the bottom line like you get online from us.  

Do you own any Vehicles?
Seems like a crazy question, but it needs to be asked.  There are 3 companies out there that own zero vehicles.
They book your rental, then farm it out to places that actually own vehicles.  Now, what do you think – are they doing this for free out of the kindness of their hearts, or are they charging you more than the other company does, and pocketing the difference?
We own all the vehicles you see on our site, and we do not accept “Farm in” work.  We think it is dishonest, and based on the incredible number of disclaimers these places have in their contracts, a bad idea.


The solution is simple.  Use us.  No games.  No crazy rules.

 the biggest competitive disadvantage at other limo companies? 

 Lack of technology, and misrepresentation.

None of them can give quotes and book online live like us with live availability for vehicles and chauffeurs. 

None of them can let you manage your rental online like us.  Time changes, place changes – whatever.  With us, it’s just a click away 24/7/365.

And then there are the fakers.  A third of the places you see when you search for “Party Bus Cincinnati” have no vehicles here, and are not even here!  What do you do if there is a problem?  Go to Florida or Detroit?

The worst ones deceive you.  They pretend their system is online like ours, then at the very end, once you think you are finished, they tell you they will now send an email to the company and get back with you at some point to let you know if they can actually fulfill the rental.  Oops – you’re not finished.  You’re in limbo.

Come on people.  The 80’s are over.  Invest in some technology to make things easier for your customers!  No one wants to call your office during business hours and then get put on hold while you look for your dayplanner.

The above information is believed accurate, but not guaranteed.  Form your own opinions.  Like any industry, you will find good and bad companies.  And yes, our opinions are, of course, biased!



Mt Limo Screen shot of online tools

Are you the only limo company that is 24/7/365


Because of our technology.

We went online in 2020 during the pandemic.

We were worried.  We thought maybe people preferred calling us during business hours and talking to us.

Boy were we wrong.

Business soared, and we’ve had our 2 best years ever in 2021 and 2022. 2023 is way ahead of those years, so success keeps on coming…

Apparently nobody wants to talk to us.

After all, you can get all the info you need and book your rental with us before other companies even answer the phone. 

We also found out something else.  The vast majority of our rentals are during non traditional hours.  We have people booking at 6am, we have people booking at midnight. 

We have people changing itineraries online at 2:00am!

 Convenience is a wonderful thing.

And we’re still here, of course if you need live help during business hours.  Live Chat us!


Any final words?

Make good choices.

Be careful shopping by price. 

Shopping by price almost always ends with disappointment. 

And watch out for those places based in Florida, Detroit, and elsewhere that make it seem like they are here.  They say the word “Cincinnati” over and over on their website, but they are not here and they have no limos here.  Places like this used to be called “Boiler rooms”.  Remember them?

Live chat us with your thoughts on this page!

Happy Customers

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