Rent 1, Get 1 Free

 Yes, that is correct!

2 for 1 Free Vehicle Questions*

How does this work?

What is your 2 for 1 Free Vehicle offer?

Make a qualifying purchase (i.e. a normal price non split the day rental), and you get another day free for up to 4 hours.  

The date of the free trip can be virtually any Sunday – Friday for 10 months after your paid rental was reserved, and can be for any occasion.  Birthdays, Anniversary, Concerts, dinner, taking the kids for ice cream – think of all the fun things you could do!

You do have to tip the chauffeur on the free trip when you schedule it (other than that and a fuel surcharge, the trip is free unless you pick a start or end location too far away from our offices – then there may be a small travel fee).


How do I redeem the free trip once I've made a qualifying purchase??

It’s beyond simple.

In your online membership is a tab called “Piggybank”.

In your piggybank, you’ll see a free trip link immediately after you get your paid rental.  Just click on the free trip link to redeem it, pick the date you want, and you’re all set.

It’s 100% online, and 100% simple!


What days of the week can I use the free trip?

Any Non-Peak Sunday – Friday.

No Saturdays, holidays, or holiday weekends.  Note Fridays in April – June, and Sept – Oct are peak dates, and not eligible.


On the last page of the checkout flow during your purchase (but before you commit) you see and be able to read the terms and conditions for the free trip.  

What time of day can we start our 2 for 1 Free Vehicle trip?

Free trip start times are typically Noon – 7:00pm.


Check the terms and conditions for your bogo during checkout or purchase for your specific free trip details.

Can I add paid time to the 4 free hours?

Yes.  You can do that when you redeem your free trip.

I made a purchase before this offer started. Can I get it?

No.  Not unless you make a new purchase.  Old ones are not eligible for this offer.

Are there geographical or mileage restrictions for the free trip?


The mileage limit for the free trip is 100 miles from the first pickup location to the last dropoff location, and it must start and end in a zip code that is reasonably close to our Loveland OH location.

Click here to see if your free trip pickup and/or dropoff address works.

Note – paid trips have a free mileage limit of 300 miles.  Free trips are less, at 100 free miles.

What occasion can I use the 2 for 1 Free Vehicle trips for?



Go to Skyline in a limo.
Take some friends out.
Go to a concert.
Go to dinner.
Do a pub crawl with friends.

There are no limitations.  And since the limos are free, you can do some fairly silly things – ice cream with the kids in a limo springs to mind.

Have fun.  You deserve it!

Why on earth are you doing this?

Clearly we have lost our minds – right?

A free trip of 4 hours is given to you with any paid rental – even one that is our minimum rental of 2 hours (The only exclusion is split the day trips – those do not get this offer).

So if you pay for 2 hours, we give you 4 free hours.


On the other hand, business is booming, as you can imagine.  People love this!

We automated our entire sales and rental management process in 2023 with our industry exclusive online reservation and rental management system that we developed ourselves.

This eliminated 5 office staff positions, and a lot of overhead.  We’re passing the savings on to you and yours.

Happiness awaits!

What are some of the rules?


– Free trip dates cannot be a  Saturday, holiday, or a peak Friday.

–  There are start time limitations (see that question nearby)

– There are geograhical limitations on where you can start and end (see that questions nearby too).

– Tip the chauffeur.  When you schedule your free trip, you must pay a tip for the chauffeur (The limo is free, the chauffeur is not).

– Paid rentals can be paid in installments or paid in full when the rental is made.  You do have to pay for the paid rental in full before scheduling the free trip.  Once you make your last installment payment on the paid trip, the free trip link will automatically show up in your online piggybank.

– The vehicle for the free date must be the same size (or smaller) as the vehicle for your paid trip.

So if you pay for a bus, you get a bus (or smaller) on your free trip.

If you pay for an SUV limo, you get an SUV limo (or smaller) for your free trip

Complete Terms and Conditions are on the web site as part of the checkout process for your paid rental.  You’ll be able to review everything before you commit.

Do I have to use the 2 for 1 Free Vehicle trip by a certain date?

Yes.  You have 300 days (roughly 10 months) after the qualifying purchase to use the free trip.

Note it is 300 days from the date of the purchase of the paid trip, not 300 days from the date of service for the paid trip.

What could you do with a free limo trip?

A genius pays once, but goes twice

No-one else does this.  We’re leading the way with value!