We Guarantee
the Best Rates 

Here’s How It Works

MotorToys Limo guarantees we have the best rate.

It’s like Christmas when you know you have the best rate – right? So let’s make it simple for you.

We regularly shop the competition to make sure we have the best rate.

If you find a better rate, we’ll match it*. So far this year, -0- people have found lower rates, but hey – you might. We certainly understand the need to shop around, but this might make things easier. Since we offer free holds on most rentals (unless they are really close to the current date), and 99% of the people go through with the rental – that’s a pretty good indication that we are the best value with the nicest vehicles and chauffeurs for the last 19 years. If we weren’t, people would cancel.

The Fine Print
*Competitors quote must be normal pricing for the other business, and confirmed independently by us in writing or email directly from that company. They must have better price, and the vehicle they are quoting must still be available from them. 

One off or a “Deal” will not be matched, nor will rates from places that are not listed with the secretary of state of Ohio (in other words, we don’t match some guy with 1 rusty old limo in his driveway that he rents every once in a while. There are a few of them in the area, and the vehicles are usually rather terrible). We do not price match on Saturdays in April, May, and October.  We do not price match split the day rentals.

Once you have made a reservation, we will price match up to $300 until the day before the first payment you make on the rental. After the day before the first payment, we do not price match.

Must be a comparable vehicle with limo style (perimeter seating). Metro bus style seating, old airport shuttle buses, and school buses are not comparable to our vehicles. Ugly Limos (i.e. old airport shuttle vehicles) are not considered to be comparable – our vehicles are NOT old shuttle buses.

Competing quote must be for at least 5 hours or more (the vast majority of our business is 5 hours due to our pricing structure).
Must include all their junk fees. Some places are rather creative with fees, including sky high fuel surcharges (we’ve seen $100 at one place), credit card fees, mileage fees, travel outside of I-275 fees. We even know of one limo service that charges you to use their bathrooms.  We do not price match split day rentals.

Must be a real company based in Cincinnati with actual vehicles, and not a farm out place (such as Cincinnati Party Bus, and Limos.com). These places have no actual vehicles.

Note if we price match a competitor, you cannot use any other offers that we may be offering.

Sorry this was so long. There are some very odd so called businesses out there, and we needed to make sure you are comparing apples to apples when you check other places.